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Music Industry Isn’t What You Think! Roscoe Dash Says Kanye West Didn’t Give Him Credit On The Song {Scoop Here}


Wow! Things getting pretty heated in the music industry. When Roscoe Dash was beefing with the rap group Travis Porter, it was over the song “All The Way Turnt Up.” Although Roscoe Dash claimed the song was his and he asked Travis Porter to join him on the song, the group used the song for their mixtapes and failed to give Roscoe credit for not only writing the hook but allowed people to assume he was apart of the group. “All The Way Turnt Up” was a song that propelled Travis Porter to some popularity in 2009. Roscoe Dash seemed to resolve the issue when he re-recorded the song with a similar beat and was joined by Soulja Boy.

Kanye West has not yet responded to Roscoe’s rant and Wale simply dismissed him on Twitter. Miguel, on the other hand decided to throw shade of his own at Roscoe Dash, calling his claims “retarded”

 ”As far as I know, Wale and another artist that I recently met penned the original ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ chorus and I came in and added the second half or the end part…I’m not going to explain myself, this is retarded,” Miguel told Lauren Nostro .
“I don’t know anything about Roscoe Dash. At the end of the day, I know my involvement in the song and as far as I know, Wale and I, and this other guy, wrote the chorus. The other guy was an alternative artist. If he wrote a part of it, he should get credit for it, but as far as I know, the people who deserve credit on the song are listed. Twitter is not the place to handle business.”

Dayyummm! Is all I will say I hope things work out for everyone. I will keep you all posted. That’s Whats’ HOT W/ TrizzyTre.


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